It looks like the German government is trying to protect their state run lotteries and gambling establishments by banning online gaming. (Proposed) However, no surprise the large German gaming companies that operate online casinos and poker rooms are taking up the fight. The law defines those who are committing the act of betting from German territory as those who are committing the crime. Ti be noted this is just a proposed law and not yet in force.

Companies such as bwin, Fluxx and Tipp24 are at the forefront of the battle and suggest that this new law is unconstitutional. Tipp24 said they would fight the law if passed and seek legal counsel into the situation. Sounds a lot like the UIGEA mess only without the surprise passing!

‘We think that in the second half of 2008 the European Court of Justice will have stopped this futile effort to keep us out of Germany,’ said Hartmut Schultz, Spokesman for Vienna-listed

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