December 11, 2008 (InfoPowa News) — The motto of the famed
SAS special forces unit — “Who Dares, Wins” — regularly comes to mind
when reading about Internet poker ace Tom “durrr” Dwan. This is
a player not afraid of taking big risks, and his skill and talent often
enable him to pull off outrageous wins … and some terrible losses at
Fans of the HighStakesDB and MarketPulse online poker information sites — and the
website where much of his action takes place — can only respect the
daring of top players like Dwan, who almost daily put large wodges of
cash down in nosebleed stakes games, and don’t flinch or whimper (at
least not publicly!) when things don’t work out.
Recent times have been good for Dwan, who has nevertheless taken some
big hits — one that cost him over $700,000 — but has expunged these
with some spectacular wins. This week he achieved a landmark for an
individual online player when his winnings broke the $5 million
psychological barrier, playing his favourite NHLE version of the game.
By mid-week, MarketPulse assessed Dwan’s winnings this year at $5.37
million, creating the strong possibility that he will complete the year
as the biggest NHLE winner yet — well ahead of perhaps better known
global poker names like Phil Ivey ($2.5 million) and Phil Galfond ($2.7 million).
The young New Jersey Internet player is becoming more widely
appreciated, however, with appearances on the mainstream poker scene
and in major television poker shows, where his exciting style of play
and considerable talent are attracting a growing audience.