As Google continues to complicate its search engine algorithms with personalization and localization, it’s becoming harder and harder to use its Analytics tool to effectively measure Internet poker link analysis and SEO performance. And Yahoo and Microsoft are even worse; neither really offers really an effective SEO or link tool that stands on its own.

“Link data in Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo! Site Explorer and Microsoft’s Webmaster Portal is pretty static, they give you the pages a site has links on, and let you do all the analysis with other tools,” says Yoast, hitting the nail on the head. “That sucks if you want to do a quick analysis of a site, or want to get a quick overview of inbound anchor texts for a site.”

“The data classically used in search engine optimization (SEO) to benchmark sites and track performance is all but useless today,” adds SearchEngineLand. “Ranking reports, still a necessary evil in SEO reporting, have been unreliable (at best) for at least 3 years.”

It’s true: Often, you’ll want SEO information that isn’t on offer from Google (or Yahoo, or Microsoft), or that is offered, but with unsatisfying results. And this is basic stuff, info you need to know: You need data on how many unique domains link to each of your major pages and subdomains, as well as to your entire website. You also need an effective method of evaluating the SEO performance of your competitors to see if there’s room to be more competitive in their targeted keywords or marketing areas.

For beginners, here’s a quick list of other online marketing SEO resources that can fill in the gaps in your online poker SEO measurement and link analysis knowledge:

1. SEOMoz Linkscape offers a solid, though commercialized, tool  that lets you pretty easily analyze the quality of links (and potential links) to your online poker website. It also is effective at pointing out potential targets for specific link acquisition and evaluating your linkbait efforts and/or viral marketing campaigns (if you got ‘em).

2. Majestic SEO is another popular link analysis tool for measuring existing SEO and finding new link-building opportunities. Calling themselves “the planet’s most comprehensive backlinks provider,” MajesticSEO does offer an impressive number of SEO tools and does seem to truly understand what’s needed for effective link analysis. Big pro: Reports are easy to generate. Registration and trail is free; subscription rates apply later on.

3. If you use Firefox as your web browser, consider Mozilla’s own Firefox SEO Link Analysis tool. It doesn’t offer much more than Google — in fact it seems to exist primarily to enhance Google’s PageRank tool — but it does provide a solid, quick look at the basics of SEO analysis, in a pretty easy-to-use toolbar.

Know of any other SEO link analysis tools that are effective for Internet poker? Sound off in the comments section and let us know.


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