SEO, or search engine optimization, depends on a variety of important factors such as keyword-filled website content and meta tags, as we’ve discussed here before at the PAP Blog.

Another key online marketing strategy to consider when building an effective SEO strategy is the concept of “linkbait”. This is a bit different from the other elements in that it isn’t entirely in your control. Unlike keyword-rich content or meta information, you can’t simply come up with great linkbait and have it work automatically. To be effective, it must win over other people.

That’s because “linkbait” is the art of enticing other websites to link to your content. Such links are SEO gold — “especially when that endorsement includes a keyword-rich link to a relevant page on your site,” as James Martin writes at the PC World Business Center.

“You don’t have as much control over external links to your site as you do over the keywords you use, of course,” he continues. “Still, you can take some steps.”

So, linkbait is really about marketing and promoting your content. And one of the best ways to get other websites to link to your content is to be proactive yourself: Link to other websites first! With the huge popularity of daily updated sites like blogs and social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), there’s no shortage of fresh content out there. Find stuff you like and link to it. The person you link to will likely notice, and is more likely to link back.

Another method of linkbaiting is simply to market your site throughout the web. Write press releases about your site or company, loading them with the appropriate SEO keywords. Then distribute the articles on news and social media sites, as relevant. (Try to make your press releases informative rather than simply advertising pieces, or they’ll likely be ignored, and give your site a bad reputation.)

It may also help to actually contact people you want to exchange links with. In this sense, linkbaiting is almost like PR in the classic sense, where you have to pick up the phone and network with people. If possible, suggest what keywords you’d like them to use when linking to your site.

It wasn’t too long ago that “linkbait” was a fairly controversial phrase, usually written about in negative terms (as explains here). In recent years though, it’s become accepted as an essential SEO tool. And there are a variety of ways to create effective linkbait — what works for one poker affiliate may not work for another. As with most online marketing techniques, you’ll have to play around with it and see what works best for you.


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