When building a strategy for a money making, long-lasting Internet poker business, we often fail to consider one of the most effective tools at our disposal: The possibility of easily setting up a complete, fully branded online poker site room via a turnkey or white label software provider.

A turnkey Internet poker program, or white label Internet poker site, is a great option for those online entrepreneurs not content with just marketing another company’s poker portal or site, but who perhaps don’t have the time, resource or expertise to fully build out their own Internet poker room.

Without the necessity of investing excessive amounts of time and labor into the actual building of a new online casino, a turnkey poker software provider will create for you an online poker room that’s customized to your specific needs, and branded with your company name (or domain name), using existing (and reliable) Internet poker software.

When you do business with a white label or turnkey online poker partner, you don’t just get the games and software to build your own site. You get the entire site built out for you, covering all the possible bases including web design, payment processing, applicable licensing services, customer service, maintenance, fraud monitoring, marketing, and whatever else applies.

Of course, you can decide to take a larger role in your site if you want, and handle any of these elements, such as the marketing or customer service, yourself. But the bottom line is that, for those looking to take online poker marketing to a level beyond affiliate marketing, turnkey online poker solutions is proving itself to be one of the hottest ways to make money online.

This is a relatively new but quickly growing service; already, some companies such as GamingandGambling.com and Peak Entertainment specialize in providing complete online poker turnkey solutions. But expect to see more companies enter into this market, and for the entry fees (admittedly somewhat steep, at about $10,000) to come down a bit because of that competitiveness.