At the end of 2009 PAP hosted a contest where affiliates had a chance to play for an entry into the ASOP and a night of VIP partying with the PAP team.  Entrants simply had to tell us why they loved being a poker affiliate.  The winner and master of the Baby Guinness shot “PokerTweeter” did a good job representing the PAP community in the ASOP and an even better job that night at the parties.

We would like to take a moment though to give credit to those that got close to the victory.  The top prize winners for the 2009 PAP Forum Contest are:

Poker Dude:

I’ve been an affiliate since the beginning of 2005 – wow, almost 5 years ! I am a diversified affiliate now – not only do I market Poker, but I am also in a myriad of other industries. Although I have really learned to enjoy the game of Poker – specifically, Texas Holdem’ – my love for the game didn’t get me into the Poker Affiliate business – my son did. About 5 years ago, during the beginning of the Poker hysteria boom – my son, then 11, became enamored with all the televised Poker matches. He studied the game, and became quite good at it (no, I never let him bet for money, but he did play online for Free). At the time, I had been self-employed for 3 years or so as a financial markets day-trader and realestate agent, after a 19-year career in IT (yes, computers and computer management). Anyway, I was looking to do something else to supplement my businesses, and my son suggested that I do something with Poker. Little did I know at the time, but his suggestion proved to be the impetus for me discovering Poker affiliate programs, and my business was hatched.

I love being a Poker affiliate for several reasons. First of all, I love the automony that comes with the job. I can work for 3 hours at 2 AM, if I like, and I can take off from “work” in the afternoon, to catch one of my kids’ ballgames. The flexibility associated with being an affiliate is incredible, and this is perfect for me, at this time in my life. Second, I love the fact that I don’t have to deal with people directly (other than in Emails or forum boards). Don’t get me wrong, I love people and being with them, but after 19 years of tormenting corporate politics, it is an incredible feeling not having to run into a meeting every 2 hours, to debate things as meaningless as why the 3rd stall ran out of toilet paper ! There are certainly issues in affiliate marketing, and times when you wish you had a telephone # to call someone direct (rather than only an Email address), but overall, this form of correspondence works really well for me. Next, I’m still able to use my computer skills to a certain extent to increase search engine ranking, obtain links to my sites, track customers and their surfing and buying behavior, and many, many more things. Without question, I think any affiliate that has computer skills has an advantage over those who do not. Finally, the most important reason I like being a poker affiliate is the fact that I can run my own business from A-Z, without anyone telling me what to do. I decide on marketing strategies and costs, what companies that I want to deal with, and figuring out long-term strategy based on where I think the market will be in the future. It is truly a very cool phenomenon to be able to do this all from my home office, in a tee-shirt and sweatpants, no less.

Being a poker affiliate requires a lot of diligence and tenacity to be successful, but one’s overall success is a function of time, perseverance, creativeness, and prudent spending of money. I’m truly fortunate to be doing this for a living, and my only regret, is that I didn’t embark on it sooner than I did.

Poker Dude runs a website about Poker Online that has info on the best online poker sites.



This is a story about me, why I love being an affiliate and about why you will love being one if you are not in this business yet.

First of all let me introduce myself. My nickname is “szury” and my real name is Robert. I am 23 years old and I started as a poker affiliate when I was 21. That means that I have never worked before for anyone, mainly because I am still going to college. I am from Romania, one of the poorest countries of the EU. Just that you know: the average wage here is $466 and it was below $400 two years ago. So earning some money at a young age is a good idea over here as the college is d*mn expensive and we have higher prices in this city as in Berlin.

The idea of becoming an affiliate came from my cousin J (thanks man). With no money but with a big dream I stared the business. I got the domain from a forum after posting like 400 posts in one month. It was an .info domain. So I stated with $0 investment. After earning $130 in the first month (money that my father is earning in a week) I quickly realized the potential here. The little boy became a business man, who now earns more than the whole family. I have the concept, the ideas, the strategy to make this a long term business.

What is keeping me motivated is first of all the financial independence. My parents don’t have to give me any money and I can buy whatever I want with my money. Every day is like Christmas.

Second is freedom. I have time for college, my girlfriend and hobbies. I don’t have to work 9-5 and I have a lot for myself.

Third is the competition. It’s exciting to check the rankings every now and then. The poker niche is one of the toughest on the internet but it also has the biggest earning potential. You must abide by the rules of the game, have a strategy, don’t be greedy. It is also nice to see others taking this as a real business, it’s nice to be an entrepreneur.

The paydays are soooooo nice. The funny thing is that most of my friends think that I am earning not more than $50/month….if they knew . It’s a great feeling to know that you finally made it at a so young age. But it is sad to see how many others struggle to get a job to be able to continue a somewhat decent life standard.

Finally I have also brought a friend into this business. He is financially independent as well. It is a fulfilling feeling to see that he also made it.

Szury runs a website about no deposit poker where players can find the best places to play online.



I work when I want but I get up at seven
checking conversions, I end up in heaven
I click the start menu and open up chrome
to surf to PAP forum which has become my new home.

Turning zero into hero, thinking out of the box
these are the things that make my life rock
emulating my idols, and destroying my rivals
these are the thoughts making affiliates tick-tock

I love being an affiliate because I can fill up my pockets
from the rake of the guy who lost queens Versus rockets
Sports Punters with their tips keep betting, and betting
regardless of the massive CPA I am getting

Did I mention those conferences to which us affiliates go?
sitting at the pool talkin’ ’bout affiliation, yo!
In Budapest, Vegas, London, Amsterdam and Cancun
it’s a tough life, but this could be you soon!

Oh why do I love being an Affiliate so?
I guess It’s cos I’m not your average Joe.

PokerSEOConsultant runs, a poker, casino & bingo portal.


Mr Fainaz:

I, Mr Fainaz, love being and affiliate because I love challenges and I never run from a fight, figuratively speaking.

But not so figuratively actually, because I know that all PAP affiliates are valid competitors and that makes the challenge even more valuable.

It is a challenge that helps me growing personally, professionally, but it is also a way to combine work and fun.

And what is better than enjoying your job? I will definitely answer nothing! I love working on my own schedules, not to mention being my own boss.

I won’t say that I don’t care about the money – because it is really good money – but it is not just that.

Being a PAP affiliate allows me to travel around the world and catch up with the friends I met thanks to PAP network.

That is because, even if everyone comes from different backgrounds, we all share a common passion: poker.

I have always loved playing poker and taking care of a poker portal let me know tricks that I have never even thought of. I developed amazing poker skills since I started working with PAP. I became a celebrity among my friends and people come to me asking tips because “I am the expert”.

And that is, I admit, amazing!

Mr. Fainaz wants you to know that Italians do it better.



Why do I love it? Well to name 4 reasons, for the money, for the freedom it allows me, for the money and for the freedom :-) . I think we all started out as part timers trying to make a little extra cash. But being diligent at it, finding and marketing the right deals and using the time spent on it wisely, success was just around the corner for me.

Hey, I had just your everyday normal job like everyone else. I used to track and capture wild moose, saddle and break them then sell them to our Canadian Military for use by our cavilry. Yeah there were a few downsides like working during hunting season (I had to look like and imitate moose to get close enough to catch them) and of course the rut season when tables turned and they were chasing me. Let me tell you after you have had your first half ton moose on your back you made sure they never caught you again.

There was the getting up and out into the minus 30 and minus 40 degree weather that can happen at any time over a 4 month period. Mind you these temperatures also have their advantages like never needing to worry about peeing into the wind as you are only hit back by icicles. But we regress here talking about what was!

Now when I go to work I only need cross the hall and only do that when I choose to. If I want to head to the lake for a long weekend I go a day or two before everyone else and get the best camping spots. Holidays are when I choose them to be and as often as I want them. And hey they are all paid holiday’s because my players don’t stop playing just because I have decided it’s time to get away. Every morning is like Christmas morning as you check your stats for new players and earnings from the day(s) before. Land just one, big time, active player and your monthly income just got a 4 digit boost. And possibly ‘while you were sleeping’ or ‘golfing’ or whatever! Being a poker affiliate is as much a rush as it is playing the game itself.

You want to share any winning tips you can with your players because they are your ‘professional team’ and their winnings are like the teams season ticket holders. The more they win the more they play the more we make!

As shakespear might have said, Do I Love Being a Poker Affiliate? Oh let Me Count the Ways. 500 words is simply not enough!!!!

PolarBear runs a website devoted to Poker Rakeback