is not only the largest and most respected poker affiliate community in the world, it is also the only global poker affiliate community on the planet.

This week the team at PAP launched the first of many global poker affiliate forums. The forums are now live and already being utilized by poker affiliates from around the globe. Poker affiliates can now correspond with eachother in the following languages:

Swedish Poker Affiliate Forum

French Poker Affiliate Forum

Dutch Poker Affiliate Forum

German Poker Affiliate Forum

Spanish Poker Affiliate Forum

Romanian Poker Affiliate Forum

Portuguese & Brazil Poker Affiliate Forum

We encourage all of our bi-lingual or non U.S. speaking poker affiliates to take advantage of these forums and meet other marketers from your side of the world. If there is a language forum that you would like to see listed that is not right now, please just drop us an email and we can get it up for you.

Global Poker Affiliate Community