With the growth of the poker affiliate industry over the past few years, there has grown a need for a conference dedicated to just poker. The CAP team has proven to be the industry leader in conferences and this will be no different. The Poker conference however will be smaller and much more focused. There will be two tracks at the conference, one for affiliates and one for operators.

PAP has also acquired the domain name, PokerConference.com where we will be marketing the event online. We realize there are several conferences for affiliates to choose from and we wanted to make this accessible to everyone. So here are some additional details that I think you will all like.

In lieu of adding yet another conference to your travel plans in 2008, we will be hosting this event just before the very popular CAP Spring Break event. The first two days will be a poker affiliate conference, and the second two days will be the ever popular and relaxing Spring Break. We will also put together an advisory committee in the next few weeks and let the affiliates tell us exactly what they would like to see out a poker affiliate conference.

As with every CAP/PAP event, there will be no cost for affiliates to attend. Stay tuned to this blog and the poker affiliate forums for more information.