Now that the holidays have passed we can move forward full steam with our PAP V.I.P. contest. This is truly a great contest and we hope to continue on with something like this for each CAP event throughout the year.

PAP VIP Contest

The entries have already started rolling in, and we expect quite a few more between now and the new year. Where else can you win an all inclusive trip to what is being anticipated as the largest online gaming affiliate convention ever!

Below are the official entries we have received so far. You can email us your entries or just post them in the comments here and we will get updated.

Good Luck to Everyone!

Jonathan Holloway(anonymous nomination)

Jonathan Holloway (himself)

Ryan Tomlinson

Kaus (Cheryle) nominated (cannot attend)

Mark Holland

Jason Deiboldt

LadyHoldem’s Entries

Lorne Fade

 Ryan CarterÂ