Hopefully everyone had a fantastic holiday. The time has come for us to announce the (3) semi-finalists in our PAP V.I.P. Contest. Although there were several great entries, our judges were forced narrow down the field to three lucky contestants.

The judges will discuss amongst each other for the next few days which one of these 3 semi-finalists will be the ultimate winner. These contestants are welcome to submit further plea’s on why they are the most deserving affiliate to win the contest. We will have our judges make the final decision by the end of the weekend. This will allow enough time for the lucky winner to get their bags packed and things in order.

With no further ado, here are the 3 semi finalists in order of when they submitted their entries:

Jonathan Holloway

Ryan Carter

John Goldie

On behalf of the PAP team, we would like to say Thank-You to everyone who submitted an entry into this contest. Good Luck to the final three!