PAW Network Exclusive PAP BonanzaMany of our members are very familiar with the PAW Network. Being one of the founders of the PAW Network myself, I can tell you that it is a great concept and has made many affiliates lives much easier. Most of you reading this know exactly what the PAW Network is and how it operates.

If you do not, I will enlighten you quickly. The PAW Network is an integrated network that will allow you to promote many of the industries top poker affiliate programs at premium rates. Even better is that you can promote all the poker affiliate programs and simply check your stats from one backend. At the end of the month you also will receive one simple payment. For more information click here.

Today the PAW Network announced a sweetheart deal with PAP. Any new affiliate that signs up on the PAW network from following our special promotional link will receive a $125 bonus payment as soon as they send (5) qualifying players through the network.

These players must be deposit and qualify. Likewise they must be verified as non-fraudulent. As soon as this is done, a $125 bonus will be added at the end of the month to the affiliates PAW Network account.

This is a great promotion, and we encourage all of our PAP affiliates to take advantage of it. Remember though, in order to be eligible you must be tracked to this PAP promotional link.

You can also correspond directly with the staff of the PAW Network in their Exclusive PAP Forum.