Poker advertising holds a double meaning for Internet poker affiliates: Your whole game is advertising online poker rooms. But at the same time, to get exposure and traffic, you need to advertise your brand and domain name, as well.

Of course, the banner ads you use to promote your poker room affiliate marketing ads fuel your online poker affiliate marketing site. Getting users to click on these ads is the whole goal of your site. But before those people can click on those ads, they have to get to your site. So, you have to advertise your site in order to make use of the ads on your site. After all, the whole reason you’re a online poker affiliate marketer is to get a share of commission for each person who clicks on those ads. So, the more clicks, the more money you make.

All that’s obvious, right? What’s a bit more difficult is to determine the best spots to advertise your site. There are the obvious choices for somewhat automated poker advertising: Sites like,, and yes, have special sections devoted to poker affiliates looking for advertising space. That’s a great way to get your name out in front of the online poker community, and on sites with great pre-existing SEO that already bring in many poker players.

But if you really want to reach out and find new traffic, above and beyond the usual poker affiliate places, you’ll want to get a bit more creative. Reach beyond the online poker world and utilize poker advertising in other types of sites that hit the same poker playing demographic — video gaming sites, for example, or sports sites. Poker is big in both.

Whip up some banner ads for your site and get them installed on a sports news or sports site directory. No, it doesn’t have to be ESPN: there are many other highly trafficked sports sites out there that include lots of poker content, a great place to bring in poker players who may not visit the usual hotspots.

And if you’re really ambitious — or if you’re already fairly successful and you want to make sure your popularity goes up and not down — you’ll want to get more serious about poker advertising. Design some banner ads, and create some media relationships to get those ads posted on highly trafficked Internet sites. This is advanced stuff, and it generally isn’t cheap. When you get there, you’ll know it, and at that point you’d be better off hiring an advertising consultant. Until then, follow the basic advice for poker advertising, above, and, in conjunction with good Internet poker SEO practices, you’ll find yourself bringing in more traffic and making more money than before.


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