I read this article about how using a checklist can reduce the number of deaths in surgery by a significant factor, and it made me think of how I could probably save myself a lot of time with the employees I manage if I just gave them a checklist to follow when they write and/or publish pages to my websites. Then of course I thought that a blog post about poker affiliate checklists might be interesting to some folks, so here are a few ideas for checklists and items to include on them.

A Poker Link Exchange Email Checklist

If you’re soliciting link exchanges, you should have some of the following items on your checklist:

  1. I’ve checked the link exchange target site’s neighborhood by looking at its backlink profile.
  2. I’ve checked the link exchange target site’s neighborhood by looking at the results of a related: search in Google.
  3. I’ve checked the content on the target site to see if it’s useful and unique.
  4. I’ve checked the target site’s instructions for how to contact them and followed those instructions.
  5. I know who operates the site, and that information is clear in the link exchange email I’m sending.
  6. I’ve suggested where my link would be a good fit on the target site.
  7. I’ve linked to the target site before sending them an email.
  8. I’ve included the URL of the page on my site that I’d like a link to.
  9. I’ve spell-checked the email before sending it.
  10. I’ve double-checked any links included in my email to make sure they’re not broken.

A Poker Page Launching Checklist

I have my webmaster type people go through this checklist when they launch pages:

  1. The content has been spell-checked and edited for grammar and style.
  2. The target keyword phrase is included in the title tag.
  3. The target keyword phrase is included in the header tags.
  4. The target keyword phrase is included in the text on the page.
  5. None of the links on the page are broken.
  6. The page includes at least one image with the target keyword phrase in the alt text.
  7. At least 10 other pages on the site link to the new page.
  8. Appropriate links to other pages in my site network are included.
  9. The paragraphs are short enough to be “scannable”.
  10. The page includes at least 1 or 2 ads so that it can generate revenue.

A Poker Content Writing Checklist

I have my content writers review the following checklist before submitting an article.

  1. The topic of the article is clear.
  2. The content is unique and useful.
  3. The content is specific. not vague.
  4. The content isn’t “salesy”.
  5. There are no exclamation points.
  6. The word “very” isn’t used anywhere.
  7. All the sentences are in active, not passive, voice.
  8. Adverbs are eliminated where possible and replaced with stronger verbs.
  9. Adjectives are eliminated where possible and replaced with stronger nouns.
  10. The article is divided into logical sections with subheadings.

A Poker Affiliate Signup Checklist

  1. I’ve checked the Internet and major forums to make sure the program I’m thinking about promoting is legitimate.
  2. I’ve got a specific contact to deal with at the program.
  3. The program is willing to provide me with individualized promotional materials.
  4. The program is willing to pay at least a nominal slotting fee before going live on my site.
  5. The program offers a competitive CPA or revshare deal.
  6. I’ve read the program’s terms and conditions BEFORE signing up.
  7. The program is able to pay me easily, with a payment method that I’M comfortable with.
  8. If I run a rakeback site, the program doesn’t forbid rakeback.
  9. If I don’t like rakeback, the program doesn’t allow rakeback.
  10. I’ve added the program to my list of advertisers.

A Monthly Checklist of Poker Site Managment Tasks

  1. Check the analytics account for my site for trends related to keyword phrases.
  2. Schedule new content accordingly.
  3. Track clickthrough ratios on ads, and split-test new ads to try to improve clickthroughs.
  4. Track conversation rates on ads, and split-test programs to improve conversions.
  5. Keep a list of commissions due and check them off. If a program gets 30 days behind on payments, their placement needs to be renegotiated.
  6. Keep a list of advertising expenses paid during a given month.
  7. Keep a list of content writing expenses paid during a given month.
  8. Keep a list of webmastering expenses paid during a given month.
  9. Determine how much profit you made each month. Don’t settle for losing money.
  10. Have a schedule for producing and launching content, and follow it.

I could probably come up with more checklists, and so could you, but it’s a good management practice. And sometimes we forget the obvious, so a checklist is a great management tool for poker webmasters.