Poker Affiliates & Social Networking

I have been a poker affiliate for several years and an internet marketer for even longer. Heck, I can even remember back before the days of Myspace. Lately however it seems like all the buzz is about “social networks”. I have to be honest, for the longest time I thought of all of these sites as simply being for teenagers.

The biggest reason I was turned off by these sites is probably because my first experience was with mypace. Not that I was any help to the situation as I did my fair share of marketing on it, but I saw myspace (and still do) as a cess pool of spammers and self promoters mixed in amongst high school age kids.

But then last year I was introduced to LinkedIn as well as Facebook. These are way more regulated and controlled than Myspace ever will be. I never thought I would say this, but I do see great value for poker affiliates being members on both these social networking sites. Not for shameless promotion either, but instead to build you personal network of industry contacts.

We have started a thread in our poker affiliate forums where you can share your personal pages. Throughout the next few years, being a member of a social network will be common place for internet savvy business people.

Here are mine and Greg Powell’s contacts:

Jeremy Enke:

LinkedIn – Jeremy Enke on LinkedIn
Facebook – Jeremy Enke on Facebook

Greg Powell:

Facebook -Greg Powell on FacebookÂ