No matter what type of poker affiliate website you run, understanding the latest overall internet technology trends can help you better promote your poker affiliate offers and increase your conversions. New ideas and web 2.0 tools emerge frequently in the affiliate market. And implementing these new approaches in addition to your current strategy can help keep you one step ahead of the competition.

How can web 2.0 technologies help your poker affiliate business you may ask? Many of the latest technologies can improve your promotional tactics, increase your website traffic and generate more conversions to the poker sites you are promoting. The following are just a few of the existing technologies that you should currently be using to your advantage:

Blogs – An Important Promotional Tool

While blogs aren’t exactly the newest Web technology in existence, they remain one of the most vital. Blogs can serve as one of your greatest assets for promoting new content on your site and attracting traffic to your inner pages. Blogs provide a more personalized experience for your viewers and direct them toward related materials on your site. Linking to your website from your blog is also a great way to ensure your Web pages achieve the best possible search engine rankings. Not that it needs to be said, however by improving your search ranking results, you can draw in a dramatically larger number of viewers to your website.

Podcasts – An Attractive Marketing Feature

Podcasting has become a popular and appealing marketing tool that allows affiliates to draw in more customers and inspire them to learn more about their sites and the products they are promoting. Providing free podcasts on your website is a great way to attract new users. The most effective podcasts are those that provide information and tips that listeners find valuable. You can also include a marketing message or call to action in your podcasts that will entice the listener to take action or sign up at a poker site through your link. Here at PAP, we have seen great success doing a weekly radio show and podcasting it.

RSS Feeds – Expanding Your Audience

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) offers a fast and simple way to expand your online audience. You can improve the range of your poker affiliate site by allowing users and other websites to subscribe to your site feed. By doing this, readers will always know about the latest updates to your site. Other websites and blogs can add your feed to their own site. These incoming links can help improve your search engine rankings while also driving targeted users toward your site.

Youtube– The Viral Revolution
Online videos and especially Youtube has emerged as one of the most popular trends in recent years. Online users enjoy producing, watching, and distributing these online videos, which opens up a huge marketing opportunity for poker affiliates. By producing funny, interesting, or informative videos, poker affiliates can establish astonishing results with word-of-mouth advertising or your video being embedded on other sites.

No matter what specific niche your poker site is devoted to, always consider what existing and web 2.0 trends can do for your website. If you don’t already have a blog, start one immediately to reap the rewards of this proven marketing tool. Other technologies such as podcasting, viral video and RSS feeds can also be put to good use. By using emerging technology trends to your advantage, you can get the most out of your poker affiliate sites and remain one step ahead of the competition.