One of the most frustrating things as an affiliate can be when you run across your unique content on somebody else’s website. Not only can this be frustrating to see your hard work and effort stolen, it can also directly effect your search engine rankings by causing you to suffer duplicate content penalties.

As your affiliate business grows, and your portfolio of websites increases, the sad reality is that at some point you will have to deal with your content being stolen. Content thief’s can work in a few different ways. Often times they will simply scrape your content via your RSS and then post to their blogs or websites. Although this is frustrating, it is not nearly as detrimental as when someone copies your entire site design, code, and content.

Once affiliates realize their content has been stolen, they’re often left wondering what to do. A great post was made in our poker affiliate forums yesterday by senior member Zilla about what to do in these situations. Below is the link to the post by Zilla and what can be done to combat content thief’s.

What To Do When Your Website Content Is Scraped Or Stolen