Over the past two years there has been an explosion in the poker affiliate market of blogs. Whether it be a poker blog or a personal blog, it seems like everyone has one several. I don’t think it is a big surprise that everyone is blogging on the wordpress platform either. With the various themes and plugins available, wordpress really is a turn key content management solution

The problem with most poker blogs however is that it is very hard to get loyal readers. Sure, if you’re a Tao of Poker
Bill Rinni, or Iggy, then you have a whole gaggle of daily readers. But these are some of the old timers in the poker blogosphere, and they have been writing for years.

Most of the new poker bloggers I run across have blogs up for one reason and one reason only, to generate sign-ups to online poker rooms. Let me be the first to say that this is fine. But if that is your goal, then do it proper. Generate enormous amounts of keyword rich content. Then integrate the best SEO plugins, and make sure to do a large amount of inter-linking amongst these keyword rich pages.

Maybe you’ll catch some loyal readers over time, but if you’re goal is strictly to send new players, then focus on driving your traffic from the search engines. One other thing that I see far too often is that bloggers will give up way to soon. Unless you are a content producing machine, you probably won’t make any money in your first few months.  Remember, every new post you make is more content for our good friend googlebot. It may take several months and tedious amounts of posts and linking, but in the long term it will pay off.

When starting a poker blog, do it with the long term ROI in mind. Any poker blogger who blogs for profit will definitely agree, it’s a marathon and not a sprint. Happy Blogging!