“Poker link bait” is content that’s generated specifically for the purpose of attracting unsolicited links to a poker website. Most webmasters use social media sites like Digg and StumbleUpon to get their poker linkbait in front of bloggers who will link to their sites just because it’s interesting. (Lots of bloggers are literally looking for stuff to write about.) I’m not an expert on how to create poker linkbait, but I do have some poker link bait tips to offer in this post.

Timely poker link bait is better than generic content.

Think about it. You’re hoping to attract unsolicited links from bloggers. (Among others.) Most bloggers want to write about what’s popular NOW. An article describing 100 great gift ideas for the poker player in your family is going to be timely and linkable because Christmas is on its way. And how many “how to play Texas holdem” articles do you think are going to make it to the front page of Digg?

A snazzy design works well for poker linkbait.

Most of my personal websites don’t qualify. But if you want bloggers to link to you, and you want social media site success, then you need to have a pretty sharp design. Most participants at Digg and StumbleUpon are pretty web-savvy, and they have little patience for ugly and/or slow-loading pages.

Good poker linkbait doesn’t have much (or any) obvious advertising.

The surest way to get a piece of linkbait buried at Digg is to include a bunch of advertising. People from social media sites don’t click on ads anyway, so you won’t make any money from the ads in your linkbait. Your goal for poker link bait is to get people to link to you, not to drive sales. You have other pages that are intended to drive sales; linkbait is there to drive links to your site.

Top X lists are always great linkbait.

Andy Hagans mentioned this the other day on the radio program, but he’s absolutely right. People love top 100 lists. I’m looking at the list of today’s popular bookmarks on Delicious right now, and the #2 page is titled “10 Dirty Little Web Development Tricks”. #3 is “15 CSS Tricks That Must Be Learned”. #6 is “25 websites to sign up to before Christmas”. Notice a pattern as to which content is popular on Delicious?

“10 Dirty Little Web Development Tips” is also on the front page of Digg right now. On the front page of StumbleUpon right now, I see “10 Futuristic Concept Laptop Designs”, “10 Best Ideas For Greening Your Home That You’ve Never Heard Of”, and “110 Creative Advertisements for Inspiration”.

Take a look at what some of these folks are doing for linkbait. It’s graphically attractive, funny, clever, original, and largely consists of topical lists. Adapt that strategy to your poker content, and you can attract links to.

This post wraps up my series of posts about linkbuilding. Here’s a quick shout out to Suffolk Poker. I promised to link to folks who created a local poker portal, and I did. (Talk about a specific piece of linkbait.)

Next week is poker keyword research week. I’ll make posts and start discussions about poker keyword research all week long, and we’ll talk about it on the radio show too.