Making use of an online poker link exchange strategy is a critical component to your success as an online poker affiliate marketer. It’s easy, and it’s fairly basic, but it’s still a powerful poker affiliate marketing tool you shouldn’t overlook.

As we’ve covered before here at the PAP Blog, getting backlinks is a big part of your success in the SEO game, which in turn brings in more online traffic and helps you make money as an Internet poker affiliate. But finding those links isn’t always easy.

Poker link exchanges are the fast track to building a linkback strategy for your site. This not only helps your search engine performance, it gets your online poker site out in front of the Internet poker community in a fast and efficient way. It’s not enough on its own, of course; any effective poker affiliate marketing strategy will want to try to reach a broader audience than those people already familiar with online poker directories. But it’s a key element in building your poker strategy nonetheless, and if done on a wide enough scale, it can not only boost your SEO effectiveness, but also bring in a new crop of online poker players to your site as well.

The best bet is to simply search for online poker link exchange in Google and trying to establish your site on the more prominent link exchanges you find that way. There are the obvious choices, like and, both very well optimized SEO sites that get a lot of traffic. If applicable, you’ll also want to add your online poker portal to’s own portal exchange section to make sure you get even more coverage.

This is a basic step, and it’s easy to do, but don’t underestimate its effectiveness. Getting your online poker affiliate marketing site extensive poker link exchange saturation — and making sure you check often and re-post to the link exchanges as needed — is one of the first steps any poker affiliate should take on the road to online success.


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