Let’s start by stating what a MFA (made for Adsense) website is and why poker affiliates haven’t used this technique as much as other affiliates. First off, a lot of sites out there are set up just to attract users to click on Google Adsense links. These can usually be spotted by their basic template like design and URL. Something along the lines of www.best-bonus-code-party-poker.net or close is the normal. We have all seen them, all hate them, and all bounce like basketball when we hit them. However it’s a numbers game and many a Black Hat SEO guy has made a dime from pasting them up like flyers. It’s a great way to get an assembly line started online and fill up the web with useless junk. Chances are if you have ever bought an eBook before then you have seen some classic examples.

Now, most poker affiliates do not use PPC advertising because they can’t, Google doesn’t allow it. And I would strongly suggest staying away from the 2nd tier search engines and sites that are Gambling Directories as these are usually click fraud. I have heard way too many bad stories opposed to successes to suggest these services. With that said we are talking about making money here, not spending it.

If you are looking to make a quick buck then a MFA Poker site might be a way to go since there are not a lot of them out there. However, building a quality site with niche content is going to make you much more money in the long run. If you are stuck and haven’t made a dime doing the traditional poker affiliate stuff try to make an MFA sight and see what happens. Send some cheap traffic to it (think Adbrights) and take advantage of the system. An example of a MFA poker site is here. Click it and see the cheese come pouring out.

Being honest with your visitors is vital. However, if you are looking for a new ways to monetize your site (preferably Blog in this instance) without compromising the look then check out some contextual ad networks.

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