A few weeks ago, the idea of doing a Canadian meet-up event this summer was brought up in a thread in the PAP forums.

Canadian Poker Affiliate Meet-Up

In the poker affiliate market, Canada has become one of the fastest growing segments. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of Canadian poker webmasters.

Since the UIGEA, every industry conference or gathering has been hosted far from North America in a European country. Both Canadian and U.S. affiliates have been asking for an event closer to North America, and PAP has listened! Unlike the traditional poker conference or industry event however, The Canadian meet-up is going to be all about fun and networking.

The initial plans are to host the meet-up in Niagara Falls the last weekend in August or the first weekend in September. We have already secured our main sponsor for the event, and it will be the affiliate department at 888.com.

This will be a great “non formal” event for affiliates from Canada and North America to get together, have fun, and finish the summer with a bang. Stay tuned to PAP for more information on the event. We also have an official thread running in our forums where you can share your thoughts or idea.