In yet another sign of just popular (and respected) poker is becoming within the usually condescending confines of the mainstream media, everyone’s favorite poker femme fatale recently received the full-length feature treatment in the Chicago Sun-Times.

Annie Duke, an Ivy League grad and author who according to the article has won more than $3.6 million over the course of her career as a poker player, offered up some great advice to the paper’s readers: You can learn a lot about the business world through the art of poker.

“In poker, you look for patterns from your opponents, how they behave in certain situations,” Duke told the Sun-Times. “How do they behave when they’re comfortable or uncomfortable? How do they play when they’re drawing for a hand? How do they play when they have a made hand? Gather data on your opponents so you can predict what they actually have. … It’s an extremely important tool in business negotiations.”

However, according to Ms. Duke, that isn’t necessarily a two-way street: Success at business doesn’t always translate to winnings at the poker table. “I’ve played poker with CEOs. The mistake they make is thinking they’re going to be great players. Their egos get in the way.”

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