The 2009 PAP Forum Contest has come to a close and the winner is PokerTweeter, as voted by the members of the PAP community and judging panel.  PokerTweeter (or Niall as he’s called in the real world) runs the popular blog where there is talk about all sorts of poker stories from Data’s poker visor in Star Trek to new promotions at popular poker rooms.  He also posts frequently on his twitter account PokerTweeter (of course) where you’ll find a mix of cool poker stories among whats for lunch posts.

Niall will be playing in the 2010 ASOP (Affiliate Series of Poker) at the LAC (London Affiliate Conference) and is hoping for the big W (win).  In fact, if PokerTweeter does win the tournament, he has offered to donate the winnings to a local charity.  Pretty cool.  So show your support and send him a tweet to congratulate him.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, it was a blast and there are more where this came from, so stay tuned!  Only on

Here is the official winning entry:

It was late 2006 when all of a sudden the red carpet we were walking on was pulled from right under our feet. The US government introduced the bill banning online poker and my players and commission disappeared quicker than Yusan Bolt running for a bus. The list of players resembled a battlefield of injured soldiers wounded and worried. Was online poker as we know it going to disappear forever?…Never

As an affiliate we had to re-invent the wheel, conquer new markets and spread our horizon across the globe. With the help of PAP and similar organisations we rose to rebuild a stronger and greater relationship with our players, attracted new players and not once did the passion disappear.

I love being an affiliate as it has shaped who I am today. The wonders of playing live tournaments, meeting great and interesting people, travelling the world, being able to help my local charities. I have seen some of my players grow into outstanding people, fully independent and it gives me a great sense of satisfaction that I introduced them to the game.

Long live online poker and I hope to see you at the conference in London.

Please vote for me and I will promise any money won will go to my local charity helping children in trouble Barnardos – Ireland’s leading children’s charity: Who we are


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