This is a slow evolution in the making but it appears prepaid telephone cards are the new deposit method online. Of course this isn’t really ‘new’ just becoming more prevalent now post-UIGEA. Just this week online poker giant Full Tilt announces it’s addition of GatorPay to their lineup of US friendly depositing options. From working a little with the Digital Gaming Network I have seen this companies stuff first hand under the brand MakeaDeposit. As many of you know UltimateBet and Absolute Poker have options like this as well. (Add Funds)


Personally let me say I have used MakeaDeposit before and it’s a pretty easy system to get going. I use MasterCard instead of Visa (which is all they accept) so I had to start a new account via the eCheck option. This wasn’t too bad and cost me just $2.00 to activate. The deposit amount options are $100, $150, $200 and $300 at a time. I don’t know what the daily limits are and if there is a cap.

Promoting this option on your website is a good idea in my opinion. Any way that you can help educate new players in this new marketplace is a plus. However, there is some initial skepticism as well. Here is an excerpt that I read on 2+2 today.

These bitches will GATOR yo money. I would not trust anything FTP or anything they introduce.
By the way, this service is an identical copy of UB, ADD FUNDS service. Same site, same feats, just a different name

Obviously not going to be a slam dunk when it comes to selling but again, if you want to gain more US action it might be time to start convincing people to give it a try. The ease of registration is nice, but the minimum deposit of $100 might be causing a little apprehension.

Read some of the new posts coming out on the players forums this week and month. See what the feedback is like. So far so good from me when it comes to phone cards. In our marketplace it is difficult to give US players’ quality deposit options so if this works out then it’s another weapon in our arsenal.

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