Are you interested in promoting online poker to a global audience? The Asian market currently comprises one of the largest and most lucrative markets in the world……if you know what you’re doing. Many online gaming companies have tried to

Consider Barriers to Success

In addition to looking at what your audience wants and needs, you also need to consider their resources and abilities. For example, marketing an online gaming product in China can be problematic as approximately only two million of the country’s 1.3+ billion residents have a credit card. Likewise there are no where near as many Ewallets for online gaming in Asia as there are in Europe and the U.S. While the Asian market does present a unique opportunity for those looking to promote online poker, you have to keep in mind that situations like the credit card access in China can make bringing in new depositors more challenging.

Effectively communicating with an Asian audience requires understanding the limitations of your potential customers. Always consider issues such as payment processing, fraud, and the ability to deliver before directing your message or “call to action” toward a specific market. Only when you are sure that you understand the Asian market should you move forward with promoting to it.

Think Outside the Box

Of course, it wouldn’t be a JE post if I didn’t mention thinking outside the box. So as you are developing your marketing strategy for other countries, always remember that tactics that work in U.S. markets might not have the same power with Asian audiences. While this presents a challenge, it also provides innovative marketers with the ability to develop new forms of affiliate marketing. <———-This is how you have to think if you want to penetrate Asia.

Finally, always remember to carefully measure the results of your efforts. In order to improve your ability to communicate with an Asian audience, you need to understand why your previous efforts have been successful (or possibly unsuccessful).

The Asian market presents a potentially lucrative opportunity for many poker affiliate marketers in the coming years. In order to make the most of this, however, affiliates need to learn how to communicate effectively with an Asian audience. Start by striving to understand the customers you are trying to reach, become aware of any potential barriers to success and look for innovative ways to do business in this growing area of affiliate marketing.

Looking at Macau, I don’t think it is a big secret that this demographic likes to gamble!