There is no other online marketing weapon that is more powerful than the promotional article when you want to grow any web site and not just an affiliate one. Done properly articles are capable of lifting an unknown site from oblivion to great success within a very short period of time. And what’s more articles are a very cost effective
promotional method.

Why is it then that we have so many folks who claim that articles don’t work? Have you ever wondered why anybody would want to make such a ridiculous claim when you and I know that the minute we enter a keyword phrase in a search engine, we will end up on a page with an article? And what’s more some of these articles receive millions of hits every month. So why would somebody want to say that promotional articles don’t work?

The answer is simple. Most of these “experts” wrote a handful of articles and posted them at a few article directories and when the floodgates of traffic did not open, they declared that promotional articles do not work. What a pity, because like everything else, you require certain skills and knowledge to use promotional articles effectively to grow your affiliate web site. You need to know exactly what you are doing and why you are doing it.

To Grow Your Affiliate Web Site, You Need To Find The Right Keyword Phrases

Before you even write your article to grow your affiliate web site, you will need to carefully select your keyword phrases. Without the right keyword phrases your article marketing campaign will go absolutely nowhere.

The most common mistake made here is that blogger and webmasters always select keyword phrases that are too competitive for them and therefore useless. What is the point of being ranked number 200 for a popular keyword when most surfers hardly go beyond the top 10? In other words unless you are pretty sure that you have a good chance of ending up in the top 10 with a keyword phrase, there is no point in choosing it because it will not grow your affiliate web site or help you in any way.

If You Don’t catch Them With The Headline, You Will Not Grow Your Affiliate Website With Content

Another very important component of success with promotional articles is the headline. With a lousy headline you will not go far because your content will hardly get read. Catchy attractive headlines that just can’t be ignored will make your keyword articles much more effective in growing your affiliate web site.