Continuing To Look To Plant Some New Seeds Here

The list of benefits that we have been looking at here on 888 Poker’s home page is of the utmost importance, so therefore it’s very important that we get this right, especially since the no deposit bonus is all that players are exposed to at this point, and while that alone will capture some players, they won’t be very valuable ones to either us or them, and the real players, the ones that actually are going to deposit and play, are probably going to need more convincing than that.

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Sometimes you just have to plant some new seeds

So hopefully they haven’t left yet, and are actually reading the fine print in this section, and that’s why this really needs to be integrated a lot more into the main presentation.  It’s mostly taken up with a single graphic by the way, and as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t think that’s a good idea at all, but let’s set that aside now and look at the presentation as presented, in this fine print, and see if we can continue to improve on it.

So what we’re trying to do with this section, exactly, is to give people reasons to play here or to at least be willing to try it out, make a deposit, and play some poker.  While we do want to try to take the easy road and not try to do too much, by making the decision harder than it needs to be, we still need to look to build as much value as we can here, to look to take them from just wanting to try it out to be even more convinced this is the place for them.

So the approach should be, all you need to do is try it out, but here’s why you will probably love it, but go ahead and check it all out for yourself.  So that middle part, you will probably love it, is extremely important, as it not only influences their willingness to try it out, to convert, it also builds a better perception of overall value, and therefore looks to influence them more long term, which is something that is very desirable to us as well.

What Should We Really Be After Here?

I mentioned a couple of things in the last article which are goals that we do need to focus on.  The first one is how popular and well loved the poker site is, and in fact 888 does handle this in the first line, with their “original and best.”  So we decided that this is indeed worthy of such prominence although we do need to rework this.

The second line basically deals with the variety of innovations that 888 Poker has, and this is right up there, it’s something that’s worth mentioning for sure as it can be portrayed as a benefit, but it really needs to be placed in the context of the fun-ness of the poker site, because this is only meaningful and valuable if it adds fun to playing there.

So this involves us placing these features in the bigger context of portraying the poker room as a fun place to play, where players will get a lot of enjoyment and pleasure from playing at, and this is indeed a big element in the decision making process, a huge one in fact.

We don’t just want to say, you’ll have more fun here, that sounds too wacky and questionable, similar to their saying they are the original and best.  It’s not believable and it’s actually a little arrogant even.

We aren’t really permitted to simply proclaim things like this, that we are the best or we’re the most fun, but we are allowed to get players to think that we are or at least that we might very well be.

So titling this line, instead of “pioneer,” with “dedicated to your enjoyment” looks a lot better to me.  Then we could follow up with something like “many unique innovations and variety geared to maximizing your satisfaction” or something similar.

I don’t think it’s that important to need to be specific and tell them we have webcam poker or the like, we can talk about those things in the review, we want this to be hard hitting and more of a reminder of what was already discussed, a set of highlights in other words.

What Else Really Matters?

Well we could perhaps talk about the poker I guess, we’ve already covered the topics of the poker site being popular and fun, it is a poker site after all so we should probably actually mention the poker at some point on this list, which 888 doesn’t bother with by the way.

Their third line is quite important though so let’s talk about this first, and then add a fourth line to this where we actually mention poker.  This line is called “award winning,” where they say “888 won the Best Gaming Product 2012 and the Best Poker Operator of the Year 3 years in a row.”

I like the idea of mentioning this stuff and it is certainly worthy of this highlight list, but I certainly wouldn’t put it that way.  If they won the best gaming product in 2012, who won this year?  I don’t think it’s a good idea to tell people that we won an award 3 years ago and obviously someone else won since.

As well, which three years in a row are we talking about here?  In actual fact it’s the last 3 years in a row, so I wouldn’t be reluctant at all to tell them this, and that word “last” makes things more impressive for sure.

So to fix this, we’d only need to make some small changes, I’d change the title to not just award winning but “Top Rated,” and I don’t like the word operator here so I’d take a little license here and change that, so we’d end up with “Winner of the Best Gaming Product, and winner of the Best Poker Site three years running.”


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