So it seems like everyone who is a poker affiliate and online poker player is pulling for Ron Paul this election. He seems to be the first one to come out and really take a stand against the UIGEA and propose that we find a way to legalize/tax online gambling. That’s a great idea, just not sure if it’s important enough to vote for him because of it. Anyone else realize the Ron Paul is 72 years old?

For the past few elections it seems like more and more candidates are taking their campaigns online. None have done more so this year than Dr. Paul and his crew of radical internet followers. It’s almost like his campaign has gone ‘viral’ and more and more people are for him without ever watching a single debate. Seems like the PPA is all about this guy as well.

Side Fact: Ron Paul came in 3rd in the 1988 presidential election.

I really am a fan of many of the issues that Paul stands firm on. He is a very accomplished politician and has a unique ‘small government’ approach to many issues – including online gambling. He is sure to land a massive amount of votes from poker aficionados. I am not sure if he has the name power to compete with the likes of Giuliani and McCain, but he does bring a fresh view to the otherwise dull Republican Party.

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