The topic above should tell you two things. One is that I am going to try and spice up a much repeated and boring topic. Another is that the reason I keep rehashing this same objective is that is it really is vitally important. Not developing a site around a specific niche (keyword) goal and writing content is a big waste of time and will ultimately lose you money that you can be earning now!

Your (domain) name says it All

I have heard this debated before but I really insist on the importance of choosing a domain name that goes with your sites niche. Unless you have Bodog Money and don’t care then I would pick something the search engines know has to do with online poker. Also, hyphens are out so don’t use something lame like:

Design and Layout of your site

Make sure your design is clean. I can’t tell you how important it is for users to come to your site and think ‘trust.’ Make sure the site is easy to navigate and the content is presented to inform the reader, not take them away from what you are trying to accomplish – getting new real money depositing players.

Chose the right categories

This may be even more important if you are a blogger. However, sites need to be constructed in a manner that makes sense to the visitor AND to the search engines. By allowing people to quickly navigate between news and bonuses and reviews you will see a nice upward trend of click troughs to your affiliate links.

Say the right thing

Choosing the right content is really important for ranking where you need to. Also make sure that you don’t go overboard on the generic news site and useless text that takes your users away from the call to action.


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