Poker Room Deals Don’t Sell Themselves

Contrary to what a great deal of poker affiliates seem to think, poker room deals don’t really sell themselves. Doing this properly takes both a great deal of skill and effort in fact. We may not be experts in this starting out, but this is a critical skill which we must seek to develop as much as we can if we plan on being as successful in this business as we wish to be.

poker room appeal

We need to make things look as good as possible if we are going to maximize our success in converting people

Once again, some people come to our sites ready to sign up at our poker rooms right now, without any effort on our part apart from just putting up a banner or something, but the percentage of these people in terms of our overall visitors is very small indeed.

Some may only need a little nudge such as putting up a bonus amount, but once again we’re only talking a minuscule percentage of people. Some may require reading a rather lame review which really describes more than it sells, but that’s still not a very high percentage at all.

Most of our visitors will need a lot more enticement than this. There’s a fairly big percentage who will never sign up no matter what we do, but between them and the extremely small percentage that will do it with no real effort on our part at all, or very little, lies the percentage that can be had. This group represents the fruit of our labor, and is pretty significant indeed.

Many People Come To Our Sites For Other Reasons

Depending on the theme of our poker related site, visitors will come to visit us to get information on a wide variety of poker related topics, which may be related to poker room signups or may not be. For instance, if we are promoting a certain poker room or a bonus offer or bonus offers in general, then this will be fairly closely related.

If the theme of our site is non poker room offer stuff though, such as poker strategy, then it isn’t really going to be that related to poker room signups, although the purpose of this other content, the poker strategy stuff, needs to be geared to both meet and exceed their expectations along those lines, and also entice them as best we can to sign up at our rooms.

There really isn’t a poker related topic that you can’t tie in to poker room signups to some degree, and this is of absolute importance, even though few poker affiliates really take advantage of this tool. Once again we need to always remember that the purpose of all of our content is to ultimately contribute to the profitability of our site. We aren’t doing this for altruistic reasons, we are doing it all to make money, and this must never be forgotten in any way.

So with the example of poker room strategy, a big part of doing well at poker is playing at the best poker sites, and perhaps even padding your bankroll with these great bonus offers we have at our top recommended poker sites. So when you combine quality poker sites with some nice bonus money, getting paid to play instead of what you are doing now, not getting paid extra bonus money, and you get to expand your first hand experience with poker rooms to boot, who could say no to that?

So this is just one example of lines that we could take to connect these things but I’m sure you get the picture. The goal of my poker lessons actually is to impress them enough so they will listen to me and follow my advice with poker room recommendations, which is the payoff here, and the only payoff in fact.

Don’t Try To Do Too Much Too Soon

Efforts to entice people to poker room signups on home pages tend to be very lame, as I’ve mentioned in previous articles, and one of the challenges is that you can only do so much in the little space that is allotted.
By all means feel free to dedicate more space to this on your home page than most sites do, remembering that all of the other stuff is side content designed to promote this exact thing, so don’t short change the big one like Poker Listings and so many other poker affiliate sites tend to do.

On the other hand you do want to make your other content accessible and visible as well. Remember when we discussed the proper function of the home page as a portal? Well you want portals to all your stuff clearly visible and accessible, but that’s all that you should be looking to do at this point, to interest them in finding out more.

So the same thing applies to our poker room deals, and we aren’t going to sell very many people on the home page here and we should not even try. Instead, we need to get them interested enough to click to dedicated pages where we will have the time and the space to sell them properly. This applies to everything we’re looking to interest them in.


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