It’s All About The Love

I’ve spoken about the value of personalization and focusing properly on benefits as well as other techniques to look to build value in our presentations and we can group all of this under a single category and call it showing them the love.

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The more love you create, the more successful you’ll be

We very often become so engrossed in either what we’re offering or minor details that we tend to forget that it is really all about showing them the love.  There really isn’t anything else that matters actually.

Of course, describing what we are offering and other such details will influence the process, but only to the extent that it creates more love, more desire in this case.  There’s more involved here though, for instance if I tell you that I appreciate your reading this and I therefore value you as a reader that will tend to make you feel better about reading this, if only a little, but a little does matter, as it all adds up.

We tend to think that sales are a lot more product driven than they actually are.  For instance, I work in the banking industry and even a lot of so called experts in our industry do not properly understand how relationship driven it is, both on a personal level and on an image level as well.

So a bank can have much better products, but people will still tend to prefer their clearly inferior offerings because when you factor in how people value the relationships that are created, as this tips the scales a lot.

We Love You, And You Will Love Us

There’s two parts to showing the love properly.  The first part is to actually show love, or do our best to show it, without being too cheesy of course.  When it comes to this though, it’s better to show love in a cheesy way than to not show it at all.  So I’m going to talk about that first and then we’ll move on to the second part, which is showing them that they will be experiencing some love from the offer itself, the you will love us part.

Years ago I was working as a sales trainer for a client and a big part of the task was to listen in to the calls of their agents making their sales presentations to prospects.  So I was listening to this one particular rep who was one of their high performers, he did his best to turn this client around and probably spent way more time than he should trying to get the sale, but he was trying to impress me and I got that.

Finally, after way too many no’s, he ran out of things to say so in desperation he said to the prospect, we want your business because we love you.  The client said, you do?  He got the sale right there.

Now I obviously don’t recommend people use this tactic due to it not exactly sounding too sincere, but we do need to take heed of our showing the love effectively enough, even though we want to prefer to be more subtle than this.  This example does show how powerful this can be though.

Now you might be thinking that this isn’t something that really applies very much to promoting online poker sites but that’s mostly because we really don’t think about this all that much, and it does have its place.

How We Can Show Them Some Love

The most important part to realize when we look at how we can show them some love is the word “them.”  We aren’t just saying that we appreciate the fact that people visit this page, we appreciate that YOU are here.  I am speaking not to people generally, I’m talking to you.  That’s very important actually.

There are other words that are important in this statement as well, the “we” certainly is, as is the “show,” and we need to make sure that happens, and “love” is certainly important as well, what we’re looking to show.

If you break this all down, what we’re talking about, exactly in fact, is making you feel good about dealing with us.  Now part of this involves the second part, why you will love us, but part of this does involve the fact that we do love you.

You need both for a relationship to work actually, and the more you have, the better the relationship works.  Going back to the banking example, as it turns out, people will accept and happily accept inferior offers if they value the relationships they have created.

Now you might think that we’re taking about deep relationships here but that’s not even the case, even fairly superficial relationships tend to be valued pretty highly, to a very surprisingly degree in fact.

This is a tough nut to crack as it turns out, as mere familiarity can be difficult to overcome, and you have to work very hard to do it, but you won’t really do well at this unless you understand the role this plays and look to come at it from the relationship side of things as well as the benefit side.

With poker, this can be as simple as telling people we will be giving you a certain thing instead of you’ll receive it.  Even such an extremely simple distinction as this can matter.  What’s important is that we become more aware of this dynamic in influencing buyer behavior if we’re looking to influence it the way we can.


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