For all of you who know our sales guy John from Casino Affiliate Programs then you’ll really appreciate this. For all of you who don’t then this will be one of those times when you think, “I hate it when stuff like this happens.”

At the office there is always something going on a little out of the ordinary. If you know any of the crew this isn’t too hard to imagine. Today however there was a pretty funny, but really annoying occurrence happening. Apparently John threw something ancient away next to his desk that our cleaning crew spilled behind where we couldn’t see it. Overnight our office had turned into a haunted house of smells and it just seemed to get worse by the minute. Being the computer people we are the solutions ranged from baking soda, to Woolite and finally to steam cleaning. See the picture below for some hard at work cleaning from our resident expert.

I can’t remember where I heard this but someone has the slogan, “we know you, we are you.” Well today we definitely are like everyone else who has ever had “one of those days.” All the ambition of content building, creative development and making contacts has gone out the window and turned into an all out cleaning and biohazard prevention strategy. Hopefully I will be able to taste again soon and make sense of what I am reading on my screen. I feel like there was a moment between 11am – 1pm that I was disoriented and saw the term “popcorn gate” on my screen? Must have been all the fumes coming up from the disaster zone.

Oh yea, if you are having a good day and being productive I wanted to share this with you. Lorelle from WordPress shared with is really what the difference between a category and a tag is in WordPress. For all you bloggers here is something to consider…

“A category is a table of contents for your blog posts, segregating your posts with grouped like-content.

A tag is an index word that helps you micro-categorize your blog posts. Tags are also keywords and search terms people use to search for the content and subject matter of your post. They are specific to the post content but can be used repeatedly to micro-categorize your blog post content.”

For those who haven’t made the upgrade by all means do! The new WordPress tag option really rocks.