I was just watching a cool new video tutorial about the new Google Adsense feature for YouTube. Finally I am starting to understand how Google is going to make up the mad money they spent to acquire YouTube and it’s genius. (To be noted I doubt Google had any idea how they were going to use this when they shelled out $1.65 billion) Adsense is so damn popular now and it’s only going to get bigger so let’s find out how to, as poker affiliates, make money from it.

Check out the tutorial video now and then read some more.

One thing nice about poker is that people like to see it being played. Obviously with the massive success of televised poker we can find clips and replays all over the web. Barring all copy write legalities you could simply rip off some nice showdowns from the WSOP and EPT and stick some tracking links in there. This I am sure will cause an explosion of MFA type sites.

However if you want to take it a step further think about filming some unique content and add it to YouTube. What I mean is something besides filming your monitor and showing how to type in a bonus code. Seriously? Are you going to expect people to need to be taught this? Instead film your home poker game, add something cool in there and then slap that mother up with some Adsense and links. We all know video is great, it’s social, it’s viral (get it by now). It’s time to make some money off this new marketing tool!

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