Let’s Not Leave The Real Selling To A Pile Of Leaves

It’s time to focus our attention back on 888 Poker’s list of reasons to play on their site, or at least to try them out, but before we do that, it’s worth mentioning again how bad an idea it is to just throw this in at the end, like a pile of leaves.

poker leaves

Don’t just treat benefits like a pile of leaves

This is actually the most critical part of the home page, or at least we would think, and especially since a lot of the people coming to this page aren’t going to be as familiar with their poker site as our traffic is, not having gone though a thorough review like our people have.

So what you need to do in order to convince someone to play at your poker site is actually give them reasons to want to do so, aside from just a bonus offer.  Bonus offers are great, and they certainly are not to be neglected, but at the same time we don’t want to neglect everything else and just focus on that, or make it our overwhelmingly primary focus like 888 does with their home page.

I of course would prefer to see this stuff not only handled better, but given a much more prominent place on the page, and not just treat it as an afterthought, like, oh yeah, here’s some reasons why you might want to consider playing with us.

Bonuses do help drive conversion but they don’t drive it anywhere near as much as 888 assumes from their approach, or this business would be a lot easier than it actually is.  One of the first things we realize as affiliates is that it isn’t anywhere near this easy, and you have to work very hard and do everything you can and even then you will only persuade a small percentage of people.

So this always requires our best effort and we can never afford to be complacent like this, and when we see the poker site doing it, well that’s where we need to step in and design our own landing pages.

Back To The Pile

I’ve already spoken at considerable length about the “original and best” line, so we’ll now move on to the rest of the presentation.  The next line is called “pioneer,” and it’s not anywhere near as bad as the “original and best” line, which is absolutely terrible by the way, but it still looks like it could use some work.

We need to ask ourselves what we’re trying to do here with this presentation, or what we should be trying to do, and that’s to portray benefits, not just describe features.

So in this line they tell us that they have webcam poker, team poker, 3D poker, and “more games at 888 Poker.”.  That’s not too bad, this both gives us an idea that they are an innovator in the online poker world and also specifically mentions some of the features they’ve been able to come up with.

I’m not sure what the more games mean, more games than other online poker sites?  I’m not even sure that’s true but I’d want to put it in a less ambiguous way than this, better variety of games perhaps?

I actually think that this stuff is fairly important and it probably deserves more space than just this one line, and 888 has some other features worth mentioning besides these.  I wouldn’t change this a lot though, I don’t think “pioneer” is the right word at all to headline this, “innovator” just seems better, more accurate for sure as well as conveying more excitement and value.

I did mention that this line describes features though and the reason is because that’s all they do, and we can rightly ask ourselves why this should matter to anyone.  We need to answer this for them and especially since this will bring out whatever benefits this may have to them.

Should This Be On The Second Line?

In the hierarchy of things, the original and best line was first, and although I’d certainly change the way this is put across, I don’t think that there’s any question that telling people how good we are, or rather, how good players think we are, and how popular we are, deserves to be in the first spot here.

What about their innovations, should this be in the second spot?  Well to decide that we need to think of why players like to play online poker, and why they would prefer one online poker site over another.

The first reason is likely that it’s just a better online poker site, but that’s pretty general, so we need to look at the other reasons why.  One of them is that they will simply have more fun here, and that’s certainly a big one as well.

So this one looks like it falls under that category, but we have to be more specific and actually tell them this is why this matters, that they will have more fun playing here, and we just don’t want to say well we have webcam poker and such, it’s that we’re dedicated to our players having the most fun and here’s some of the ways we do it.

So if we do this up right people will say, well this does sound like it will be fun, look at all the things they have, and things that they may not have elsewhere, and if they have these things for example they may have more fun things, they want me to enjoy myself here and are inviting me to check it out and I might just do that.


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