Give Them What They Want, With Care

Readers generally want to know how the poker rooms we review compare with each other, to help them decide whether or not to choose to give them a try and find out more for themselves.

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Comparing poker rooms truly is a thinking game

They do rely on our expertise in these matters, and while they are coming to us to get some general information about various poker rooms, the traffic, the bonuses and promotions, and so on, they also visit us to get our opinions of the room and in particular how we feel they stack up against one another.

We can give them that no problem, but we must be careful how we do it.  The main difficulty here is that they want unbiased information, but we are very biased of course, but we must at the same time do our best not to appear biased.

In our reviews, we clearly want them to sign up at one or more of them, so our motivation is to do everything we can to help ourselves achieve this end, so that’s definitely a bias.  They want our honest opinion, and there are situations where we don’t want to be perfectly honest with them but at the same time if we don’t appear to be honest then we will be less successful in achieving our objective of maximizing our signups.

So this is indeed a complicated path that we walk here and while we could choose the approach that most poker room reviews take, just to pump up the rooms and not cultivate trust much if at all, that’s not the ideal way to proceed.  As the years have gone on I have gravitated more toward that in my own writing to better exploit the potential here, and I’ve noticed that more clients are becoming more in the know here as well.

The Main Types Of Poker Room Comparisons

Before we even get into actually comparing poker rooms, we need to make sure that we are doing something to set the stage properly for what follows, in most situations anyway.  This need not be done in each particular review but it does need to be done somewhere, on the home page at least.

What we are after here is more of a mission statement than anything else, assuring our readers that we are using our expertise in evaluating poker rooms to their benefit, and not just pumping them up like the sites themselves would do or someone just looking to promote these sites.

Fortunately for us, there aren’t a lot of reviews that actually look to cultivate trust in the proper way, so when we tell them that our stuff really stands out, we won’t be lying at all.

The second main tool is to use sites that we don’t promote as whipping posts so to speak.  This generally is done within the content of our reviews, and this is one of the reasons in fact that we don’t generally want to promote too many poker rooms per site, and if we’re just promoting one well every other site is fair game.

Even if we promote a lot of sites though we still can speak about things in general terms, such as the need to stay away from poker sites which have too difficult competition or too little traffic or too slow withdrawal times or whatever.  We very often need not even mention which poker sites we are talking about, especially if we don’t want to.

The object is of course to assure the reader that this and the other sites we have selected for them meet our requirements and pass our muster, and to especially remind them that there are plenty of poker sites that do not.  Again though, this is one of the reasons why we should not want to promote too many on one affiliate site, as this gives us the ability to name names which can add to the persuasiveness.

Some Advanced Strategies

We might even consider doing straw man reviews so to speak where we come off as trashing one or more rooms, with the conclusion that there are better choices out there and here’s our link to the rest of the reviews so you can check them out.  There isn’t much of this done although I’m doing more of these myself and they are pretty powerful.

I remember a cop show years ago where you always see the bad guys get caught by the end of the show.  In the first episode, the bad guys ended up getting away with it.  That was brilliant.  After that you never really knew what would happen in this show.  If we can add some balance like that to our reviews it can be pretty powerful indeed as far as our credibility goes.

As I’ve mentioned in past articles, you also should be looking to balance things somewhat all of the time, where we seek to expose not only what is good about our poker rooms but what may not be so good, without going overboard and leading them away from it.  No poker room is perfect and we want people to know that, but in spite of some things that we feel could be improved, and reasons why this isn’t a big deal to go along with it, we can further cultivate their trust.

So it’s now time to go back to our review that we’ve been looking at and see how they measure up.


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