If you’ve been using the analytics tools described in the last few entries, you’ll know that “strategy” is one of the words online poker players search for the most.

That certainly makes sense; players know the Internet is chock full of thousands of online poker sites written by experienced players, and they want to leverage that info by finding sites that’ll offer insight into how to improve their online poker game.

And you can use this search for strategy as your own strategy to increase traffic and conversions on your online poker affiliate marketing site.

How? Make your affiliate marketing website a destination for players looking for ways to improve their game. Give your site a strategy theme; title your home page accordingly. Use keywords like “strategy” and “tips” and “advice” prominently as keywords in your content. You should get good SEO traction with those kinds of words, as well as others like “info” and “secrets”.

Write a blog offering advice to online poker players — what the best rooms are in terms of payouts and ease of play, and what rooms accept them. Offer articles that claim to tell the secrets of winning at online poker; offer advice for players to build a winning strategy.

Most importantly, offer your own expertise on what it takes to win at online poker. Most players know that it’s different playing online than it is on the old-fashioned tables; and they want some insight into what it takes to win on the Internet.

Take, for example, this page on online poker strategies that performs fairly well in SEO. It’s just one poker player telling the story of how to win. It’s nothing particularly original or insightful, and yet it’s exactly what players are looking for because it shares the key strategies that they too can use to make money playing poker online.

As an experienced online poker pro, this is the kind of insider advice you can offer newbie players. And hey, guess what, it’s also exactly what they want to see. Start taking advantage of this natural source of player traffic, and market your site accordingly — and watch your conversions grow.


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