now offers £ (GBP) Cashier For PlayersThis is very exciting news for PAP affiliates. is now offering a British Pound Cashier for it’s UK players. Below is the official release we received from the SunPoker affiliate department. You can speak directly with the SunPoker Affiliate Manager in the official SunPoker Forum here at PAP.

If you are not currently promoting, there has never been a better time to start!

Starting April 3, 2008, has now made it easier for players from the UK and all of Europe to play at their online poker tables. This is big news, so please let your players know. This will significantly increase signups.

The long awaited British Pound (£) cashier is now available to players, aptly named (GBP). Customers are now able to play their favorite poker games like Texas Hold’em and 7 Card Stud using the new £ cashier, without having to worry about exchange rates.

Players are still able to receive the same great bonuses and promotions when playing on the pound account, the only difference is the player’s money is saved in pounds now.

What this means for you as an affiliate:

The (£ GBP) version will actually be a separate property where you will earn on GBP play from your players. Players will need to download the new GBP version. is sending out emails to existing players with YOUR AFFILIATE CODE embedded to invite them to try the GBP version. If for some reason, they do not choose to sign up via the email and end up signing up later, is going to cross reference future new player signups on the GBP version to see if players were tagged to an existing affiliate, and then tag them to the appropriate affiliate.

Since this is a new release and receives the poker data from Cryptologic, the reporting of the GBP earnings may not be fully functional for a period of 10-14 days while programmers work on integrating the new format with and backend systems.

These reports WILL be retroactive, meaning once we do get the backend systems in sync, ALL the stats will show up properly in the rake meter and the FocalClick stats.

We are anticipating it might take about 10 to 14 business days, but rest assured all the data from the GBP poker client will make it in the new backend. So I must stress again that this is a beta test.

You do not have to update anything on your site other than the fact that now has a £GBP version. When you link to with your affiliate tracking code, you will receive credit for the player whether they sign up for the $US or £ GBP version.

Bonus details are listed on the PROMOTIONS page of

We will have banners for the new GBP shortly.

Discuss the Affiliate Program with affiliate managers from their program in their Official PAP All-In Forum