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Building A Better Page

Nov 3, 2014,kingcobra

Better is the operative word here, if it isn’t better, it doesn’t make sense to have it

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What Do We Want On Our Landing Pages?

Nov 3, 2014,kingcobra

What should our landing pages look like and what can we get out of them?

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Looking To Improve Their First Impressions

Oct 29, 2014,kingcobra

The goal here needs to be to impress them even more than the regular stuff does

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Looking At Landing Pages

Oct 22, 2014,kingcobra

If we’re going to use our own landing pages we really need to get this right

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Filling In The Blanks

Oct 14, 2014,kingcobra

Take care to give them the right information in prominent info boxes, and so they can be properly informed

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More Basic Information

Oct 13, 2014,kingcobra

Information must  always be provided with a purpose in mind, not just for the sake of providing it

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A Better Hit Parade

Oct 5, 2014,kingcobra

Let’s put together a series of hits that are actually the hits we want to give them

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More On The Highlights

Sep 28, 2014,kingcobra

The goal up front is to look to entice them while still maintaining a sense of honesty

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Hits and Misses Again

Sep 26, 2014,kingcobra

Let’s talk some more about the hits and misses box

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Finishing Up The Left Side Info Boxes

Sep 16, 2014,kingcobra

We’re just about finished reconstructing the left side of this review

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