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Informing to Influence

Jan 20, 2014,kingcobra

Our job is to provide information to our viewers, but only to the extent that it serves our own goals

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Telling Isn’t Selling

Jan 20, 2014,kingcobra

We don’t just need to talk about something, we need to look to persuade people into something.

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Promoting Freerolls In Action

Jan 14, 2014,kingcobra

Let’s have a look at what the right way to promote freerolls would look like

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A Better Way To Promote Freerolls

Jan 10, 2014,kingcobra

If we’re providing access to freerolls of some real value, it’s better that they be let in on the secret

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Promoting Freerolls

Jan 9, 2014,kingcobra

Freerolls are pretty much worthless in general, but not all are.  If we want to sell these it will take some real effort.

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More Players, More Traffic: Making the Most of Online Poker Freerolls

Nov 18, 2009,Nathan

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