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Pumping Them Up

Feb 20, 2014,kingcobra

If we really are looking to motivate people, it’s helpful to actually try to motivate them.


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Answering The Big Question

Feb 14, 2014,kingcobra

Before answering the big question that all good poker reviews seek to answer, we have to know what the big question is

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Creating An Air Of Honesty

Feb 11, 2014,kingcobra

While our goal is clearly to portray our poker rooms in the most favorable light, we have to appear genuine as well

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Poker Customer Relationship Management

Feb 7, 2014,kingcobra

It’s not just about converting them to sign up, it’s also about converting them to being a longer term customer.

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Managing Our Customers Well

Feb 3, 2014,kingcobra

Just because we’ve converted them doesn’t mean that the relationship with them should come to an end.  Hopefully it’s just beginning.


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Seeking Longer Term Relationships

Jan 29, 2014,kingcobra

A lot of our business is hit and run, but hit and run isn’t the best way to cultivate our business potential.

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Informing to Influence

Jan 20, 2014,kingcobra

Our job is to provide information to our viewers, but only to the extent that it serves our own goals

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Telling Isn’t Selling

Jan 20, 2014,kingcobra

We don’t just need to talk about something, we need to look to persuade people into something.

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Promoting Freerolls In Action

Jan 14, 2014,kingcobra

Let’s have a look at what the right way to promote freerolls would look like

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A Better Way To Promote Freerolls

Jan 10, 2014,kingcobra

If we’re providing access to freerolls of some real value, it’s better that they be let in on the secret

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