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The Courage Of Consistency

Aug 22, 2013,kingcobra

Poker players tend to underestimate how important it is to play courageously and with enough conviction to see our strategies play out properly.


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The Characteristics Of Poker Winners

Aug 14, 2013,kingcobra

Do you have what it takes to be a consistent long term poker winner?  Here‘s some of the qualities you will need.


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Staying Focused On The Long Run

Aug 12, 2013,kingcobra

Results from poker hands are based upon probability.  It is this probability that requires our attention, not the results.


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Staying In Control At The Poker Table

Aug 9, 2013,kingcobra

Even the best laid plans can quickly go astray when we allow ourselves to lose our countenance due to poor emotional control


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Effective Hand Planning

Jul 30, 2013,kingcobra

Thinking ahead isn’t just a luxury in poker, it’s a necessity.  Many players don’t think ahead enough though.

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All Looseness Is Essentially The Same

Jul 26, 2013,kingcobra

A lot of players don’t really get the fact that all forms of looseness involves players betting money on weaker holdings.  When we understand this properly, we can then punish them for it.


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Paradigms Of Poker Success

Jun 28, 2013,kingcobra

There are certain important things that we do at the poker table that play a large part in determining what level of success we have

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4 Tips for Building a Poker Affiliate Website on the Cheap

Jul 6, 2010,Nathan

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Strategy and Online Poker: Great for Players, Even Better for Affiliates

Nov 26, 2009,Nathan

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