The first ever 2008 PAP Canadian meetup took place over the past weekend, and I am pleased to report back that it was a smashing success. Jeremy here, I know the author says GP for some reason, but it’s me. Before moving on, I do feel obligated to say a big Thank-you to our sponsors Because of them we were able to enjoy an awesome boat ride directly into Niagara Falls, as well as a great night of cocktails and poker.

I’ll attempt to give a brief summary of the weekend. Almost everyone arrived on Friday night and a few of us met up for dinner at Wolfgang Pucks. Following this, there was a bit of gambling that took place (imagine that) and then a few of us went to one of the most exclusive clubs in Niagara, Dragonfly.

Of course in true poker affiliate fashion, we slipped a few dollars to the V.I.P. host and next thing you know we were sitting in the V.I.P. section. Nothing beats bottle service and a private area with good friends in a club like Dragonfly.

Later that night we did some additional gambling. If my memory serves me correct, there were no big winners this night. The next morning we got up and had a great breakfast followed by a nice presentation from It’s amazing how much this company has going on throughout the world.

After breakfast we all headed out for a ride on the Maid of The Mist boat. Having never seen the Niagara Falls up close before, this was amazing. You don’t realize how much power the falls have until you are smack in the middle of the horseshoe getting rained on from the mist.  It was absolutely amazing!

After this everyone had the afternoon to explore Niagara, gamble, rest, or really do whatever. My wife, Karl, and his wife decided to walk the city. We ended up at what is supposed to be the scariest haunted house in the world. The picture they took of us at Nightmares Haunted House was absolutely hysterical. Check it out here…….priceless.

That evening we had another amazing dinner overlooking the falls. After this we all met back up as a group and played some poker while enjoying cocktails courtesy of the affiliate program once again. The party lasted way into the night and eventually ended up in the casino and casino bar. Amazingly my slot luck was with me once again, I won $1000 on a $1 slot machine. I really should go pro!

All in all, I am extremely happy with how the Canadian Meet-Up turned out. It was a much more intimate and relaxed event than the tradional conferences. I could definetely do a few of these weekend getaways every year. Most importantly though I got to hang out with good frineds from PAP and put some names with faces on people I have wanted to meet for a long time. Thanks to all of you that came!