Online gambling advocates iMEGA have taken the issue to a whole new level and are going to battle in our defense (as affiliates) to repeal the UIGEA laws. As expected the case is going to get very technical and even the presiding judge realizes that it’s going to take a lot of homework and research to come to the presiding with a clear understand of the issue. The legal environment here is one of uncertainty due to most of the activities taking place online. However, in an attempt to stifle what they could, lawmakers put the restrictions on banking establishments inside the United States. Their logic was that the harder it was for players to deposit money into gambling accounts the harder it would be to actually gamble. As we’ve seen with new banking systems and methods (ie: phone cards) that the players demand will overshadow the complications.

One interesting comment during the initial proceedings was as follows; “the UIGEA was not intended to prosecute American citizens for betting online and that therefore no US citizen would be adversely affected by this law.” iMEGA’s legal team, including president Edward Leyden, argued the interpretation of the law and claims there are provisions for any US citizen to be arrested and charged with aiding and abetting the gambling laws.

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