Over the years as the poker affiliate market has matured, the options available to affiliates have grown enormously. In the old days, the only way to promote multiple rooms was by signing up individually at each room. You would then have to check your stats and request your affiliate payments individually at each room.

Over the past couple years however, we have seen an emergence of Poker Affiliate Networks. There are a few small networks out there, however the most notable and largest poker affiliate network is Poker Affiliate World.

Although promoting all rooms individually can have some benefits, especially for very large affiliates; for the small to medium sized affiliate, promoting on a network is a no brainer.

With the PAW Network for example, you get the following:

  • One integrated platform to promote all the major brands
  • Higher negotiated CPA and MGR than the standard program starts out with
  • One easy backend to check stats from every room in one click of the mouse
  • One simple payment each month for all brands promoted
  • And most importantly CONVENIENCE, and less time bouncing from room to room to check stats and request payments.

Being one of the founders of the PAW Network, I can tell you that the whole purpose when developing this was to make life easier for affiliates. If you are not a member on the PAW Network, you should be. At PAP, we have also negotiated a special deal just for YOU!

Every member signing up on the PAW Network through this special PAP link will receive a $125 bonus credited to their PAW Network account as soon as they send just 5 players who deposit and qualify.

The affiliate manager at PAW is Mitchell Nunis, and he recently wrote a nice article about being creative. In this article he uses the ever popular Sex and the City reference on one way to be creative as a poker affiliate.

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