So as many of you know, I changed the theme on my own personal blog. In the process of making this change I visited many of our PAP members personal blogs to get ideas. (sorry guys). Don’t worry the theme is original. Many of our PAP members however keep some terrific personal blogs, and for both new and old affiliates, they have some great information in them.

I am only talking about blogs here that are directly, and only related to being a poker affiliate. I realize several poker affiliates have great blogs about poker.

Here are the PAP members blogs that I think are the best:



Kyle Healey

Myself – A Poker Affiliate <—– shameless plug

But here is who really takes the cake and probably has the best poker affiliate blog of all. John Holloway everybody. John’s blog has some great insights and is probably one of my favorite pure “poker affiliate” blogs to read. His blog posts are all first person and genuine. John doesn’t even know I am making this post, but I really believe his blog is amongst the top. If you really want to get inside the heads of other successful affiliates, bookmark all these blogs are subscribe to their RSS’s. There is a ton of good information for poker affiliates here.