I didn’t start writing for the Poker Affiliate Programs blog until October, so I’m going to limit this particular greatest hits list to the posts made during the final quarter of the year. (I’m not comfortable rating other people’s blog posts, but I have no problem rating my own.) I’ll post a best of 2009 next year too, since it seems like this is something of a popular tradition among some bloggers.

  1. How to Make $1 Million in 12 Months as a Poker Affiliate -Mostly this post just illustrates the importance of setting specific and measurable goals. Any time you want to achieve anything, it’s a lot easier if you figure out how to measure it first, then break the steps down into measurable increases. In that blog post, I described how to make $1 million in 12 months if you’re making a $200 CPA, but the process is more important than the actual numbers there.
  2. Poker Link Building Secrets – Everyone loves the topic of link building, but this post seems to be the most popular of all of the posts I’ve made about building links to a poker site. I don’t think I really revealed any “secrets”, but I also don’t think there are any real secrets to conducting an effective linkbuilding campaign. Focus on the fundamentals, like quality content.
  3. An Example of a Great About Us Page – I was a little surprised to see how popular this blog post was. I was also pleased. A great”about us” page is an opportunity to build trust with your site’s visitors, which increases conversion rates, which makes you more money. And I try to keep this blog focused on how to make money.
  4. One Way Link Building For Poker Websites – I was not surprised to see this post was very popular with readers. One way link building is overrated in terms of importance to SEO, as far as I’m concerned, but it’s easy enough to accomplish if you’re willing to do the work required. Most poker sites don’t need as many links as they think they do. And they usually have a lot fewer pages of unique, original, helpful content than they do.
  5. Five Easy Poker Niches – This one was another non-surprise. Lots of poker affiliates have trouble coming up with unique ideas for content, so it’s only natural that an article about how to come up with content ideas for an entire niche site would be popular. Nothing particularly original about the ideas in this article, but I like to think that their application to poker websites is at least a little bit different from stuff you might read elsewhere.
  6. Poker SEO For Cuil.com – A little surprised at the popularity of this particular post, as a lot of doubters have posted that they didn’t think that looking at how to do SEO for Cuil.com was particularly useful. I differ; I think it’s useful from a number of perspectives. For one thing, if you can figure out how to do poker seo for Cuil.com, you can figure out how to do poker seo for any other search engine. For another thing, even if Cuil is a smaller search engine, being #1 for “poker” or “online poker” there might be a LOT easier than being #1 for those phrases in Google. And if you can be #1 there for something like that, you can benefit from the traffic, even if it’s only 1/10 or 1/20 of the corresponding amount of traffic you could have received from another search engine.

I didn’t base these rankings solely on traffic popularity, but that did play a factor in the decisions of which posts to list here. It seems to me that posts about content and about links are going to be perennially solid topics. That shouldn’t be a surprise either. I’ve touted the formula for success as an affiliate webmaster as being pretty simple: content + links = success.

Happy new year!