888’s Obsession With The No Deposit Offer

I hadn’t mentioned the link to the video that is to the right of the EGR award slot, that’s not a bad idea I guess, exposing players to a fairly decent ad, although it really does lack substance by our definitions and standards at least, and is certainly targeted to a far less sophisticated market segment than we shoot for.

poker details

Details are more than just a collection of objects

I think that the same thing can be said about 888’s home page generally, this really is targeted towards very new players who may be looking to try out real money poker for the first time, perhaps looking to get a stake in it and eyeing 888’s free $88 just for signing up.

The whole page seems to be targeted towards no deposit players and while we may wonder if this is the most sound strategy for 888 Poker to take on their own page, it may not be what we’re looking to shoot for, although it very well might if our site is tailored toward no deposit bonus folks.

If that is the case, then this page fits that very well, I would still want to change a few things but I’d be pretty happy with what’s there now.  More often though, we’re targeting established players as well, and unless our site is exclusively focused on no deposit offers or maybe even this one in particular, there will be a degree of disconnect between their emphasis and focus on no deposit players and our needs.

So I do find that to be troubling in general and they might claim that the further details that they provide in rather fine print below what we could call their main attempt to influence, the glitz of the page in other words, does serve to target this market at least somewhat, so let’s now have a look at what they have there.

The Further Details

I want to first examine how 888 handles this, by looking at what they have on the page, and then while doing that we’ll see what they might be doing right, and what they may improve to make this area more effective.

If you’ve been following along though you already know that I think that putting this stuff pretty much exclusively in small print toward the bottom of the page is a mistake, and I feel that at least some of these elements would benefit from a bigger focus and a more prominent placement on the home page.

Let’s now look at the first paragraph.  They are touting themselves as “original and best.”  The poker site itself hasn’t been around since 1997, although most people wouldn’t know that, those in the know though would certainly be turned off by their saying this, especially if we’ve told them something different, as we often would actually.

So either we’re mistaken or they are and neither are to our benefit.  They aren’t the original online poker room either, although they were certainly among the first.  So they do have a lot of experience and that’s actually a benefit rather than a feature, a fact, that they are the original online poker room even if that were true.

The truth is, their casino opened in 2007 and their poker room didn’t open until 2002.  This might sound like nit picking but it’s simply better to tell the truth, and if you tell a lie it needs to be something that people won’t be able to pick up on.

Online poker wasn’t even around at all in 1997 by the way, Planet Poker, the world’s first online poker site that offered real money, didn’t show up on the scene until 1998.  Now few players are familiar enough with the history of online poker to know this, but this to me is just careless, doesn’t add much at all to the story, and again, some players will pick up on the incorrectness of this and this will cause them to discredit the rest of the things being said here.

How Can We Fix This Statement?

The goal here with the statement of “original and best” is to convey both a high degree of experience and skill in offering online poker.  The fact that they are saying that they are the “home of online poker since 1997” not only has me worried about the date, the very fact that they are claiming that they are the home of online poker, whatever that’s supposed to mean, cannot possibly be true.

The only thing I can think of that would be behind this here, besides very careless copywriting, is that they want people to believe that this is the home of online poker, so either this is the only place that people play online poker, or at least most people play here.  Only the completely uninitiated would believe that though, and it probably has a negative effect upon the rest.

It’s fine to look to embellish things in ad copy, it’s even expected, you certainly aren’t expected to understate things, although that can sometimes be an effective way to promote something, but as far as overstating things, we need to stay reasonable here, and if you go too far you can actually hurt yourself.

I’ll pick this up in the next article where we’ll look more into what’s really wrong with this in addition to looking in detail at other parts of their pitch.


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