Several years ago when I started promoting in the gaming vertical, I remember how overwhelming it could be trying to promote so many different brands. You could literally spend an entire morning just logging in to the various affiliate back ends and checking stats.

We did an article about about promoting affiliate programs through a network a couple weeks ago. In that article we discussed PAW, which for the record also supports Titan. Today though I want to discuss Europartners directly and some of the benefits.

As with any network, you can promote multiple products and have one simple platform to check your statistics. Likewise you can receive one simple payment each month for all the products promoted.

Here are a few of the reasons I have worked with Europartners over the years and continue to do so:

1. Conversion / Retention - There are not many other brands out there that can convert and retain players as well as the Europartners portfolio of products. Both of these are the companies main focus when it comes to helping us recruit new players. As an affiliate I can appreciate this regardless if I am on MGR or CPA.

2. Great Products - The products in the Europartners mix are terrific brands to promote to players. For poker I recommend of course, and the for casino they all convert well, whether it be Casino Tropez, Europa Casino, Vegas Red, or any of the others. With bingo, you can’t go wrong with as it is one of the more social rooms out there, and they have great deposit and reload bonuses.

3. Easy To Contact - This is actually a big one for me. Europartners is one of the few affiliate programs in our industry that actually has a toll free number where affiliates can call and speak with a live person every day. If you’re like me and hate waiting on email responses for hours or days, you can’t go wrong partnering with Europartners.

The experience I have had working with the team over at Europartners over the years has been great. I encourage you all to check out their portfolio of products at or you can click the link below.