Online gaming webmasters and operators all know that there are a few different affiliate forums out there. Each community has it’s own niche and value to affiliates. This week we decided to look at how PAP stacks up to the other forums in the industry. The results are awesome.

Just to give a quick snapshot, here are the new post counts from yesterday on the top 3 gambling affiliate forums.

CAP – 77

GPWA – 25

PAP – 266

Some people may wonder how PAP has become such a dominating force in the gambling affiliate industry. My answer to that is simple, our members. No matter how great our SEO is, or how much new content we add each week, the success of PAP still comes back to our amazing members.

Never in my life have I seen a group of competitors become so tight with each other. It is because our members that we are able to give away trips to events, WSOP seats, PAP gear, and all the other fun stuff we do.

To our loyal PAP members, Thanks for making our community the busiest and most active affiliate community in the entire industry.

Jeremy & Greg

Jeremy Enke - Greg Powell