Ah yea, the much needed re-fresh of the site is up now and as you can see there is a lot more going on there now. The new PAP features some pretty good marketing articles and also a Poker University section for new affiliates to read. Even if you are an experienced affiliate I would take a second and read through the Advanced articles and see what you can find.

On the Resources Page there are 3 new tools for you to use. When adding new content I would encourage you to bookmark that page and use them for future reference to make sure you’re getting the max SEO benefits.

Look at the new programs directory for our All-In Partners that are laying out their best deals for affiliates. As you know we don’t usually over sell the promotions that are on the site, but there are about to be some great new promotions for PAP Affiliates only so we’ll drop the word. More marketing tomorrow, so tonight start surfing! There’s a load of good stuff on the new PAP.

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